Travel Gear, Luggage, Clothing, Gadgets, & Accessories

WHAT AM I SELLING? is an affiliate product online marketing site and informational blog, set up on WordPress.

Travel clothing, luggage, accessories, & gadgets is an extremely hot product niche with a steady & ongoing market!

This product niche has a high volume of searches for a variety of keywords & phrases, as well as tons of possibilities for long tail keyword phrases for ranking and showing up in search engine listings and search results.

This site features a hand picked selection of top selling travel gear – including travel clothing, luggage, accessories, etc.

The site includes several informative articles about selecting & using best travel gear products. The articles are hand picked from a reputable ezine article network.

It also includes a video page with a selection of videos dealing with best travel gear products.

All earnings are through fully automated affiliate systems & advertising. No inventory to purchase, no billing, no shipping, no customer service. All earnings are available by direct deposit.

Domain Name:

The site is optimized for several top keyword phrases for this product niche. This presents a great opportunity for ranking higher and attracting organic traffic.


  • affiliate products
  • Google Adsense ads


I have included a selection of top selling travel gear and accessory products sold and fulfilled through Amazon pays affiliate commissions between 4 – 8%, depending on sales volume. The Amazon products are listed using a premium wordpress plugin (NOT Amazon aStore Page!) that inserts product links, photos, and buy buttons, with your affiliate code.


Google Adsense ads are also strategically placed on each page, to generate the most efficient click through ratio. These ads earn on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression basis, depending on the ads.


The site is set up to also use ads from other ad networks (Clickbank,, Chitika, etc.), or other affiliate programs, by simply inserting their link codes, if desired.


My name is Paul Kassens, and I have been building web sites since 1997. I have built numerous blog, commercial, & ecommerce web sites, mostly relating to my hobby business. I have now expanded into creating affiliate marketing niche web sites.


My plan is to design, build, and sell web sites for aspiring internet marketers who may not have the time or experience of building sites, and/or is willing to promote the site and build traffic.

With a minimal amount of initial effort, the site should earn enough through advertising and affiliate income to be a very profitable return on investment.


A complete web site featuring a hand picked selection of top selling travel gear – including travel clothing, accessories, luggage, etc.


  • WordPress 5.0.2 (latest update!)
  • Domain name:
  • Premium mobile responsive compatible theme
  • Custom logofavicon, background, & layout configuration
  • Informative articles relating to travel gear
  • Assorted plugins, installed and configured
  • SEO optimized web site, pages, posts, & images
  • Social sharing buttons, linked to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • WooCommerce shopping cart system installed and configured
  • Amazon affiliate plugin: WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon affiliates plugin, for adding Amazon affiliate product links
  • A wide selection of Travel Gear and related products – with description pages and Amazon affiliate links
  • My personal assistance with transferring & setting up web site on your server
  • My own “Cheat Sheet” with web site, plugin, affiliate & ad code info & tips for changing over


To turn this web site into a profitable & steady earner, you can do as little or as much as you want – depending on your time and your goals. But obviously, the more effort that is invested up front, the more results you will achieve, even with minimal effort once the site has established more traffic.

  • Add more articles to improve search results
  • Add original content articles – written by you or outsourced
  • Employ a back-linking strategy for improved SEO
  • Promote via free and/or paid listings & advertising


This is a brand spanking new web site. No traffic, no earnings, no followers, or subscribers… YET. It is all set up and ready to promote and start making money.

I will help transfer the domain name to your GoDaddy account and web site to your cPanel web hosting server.  I can also advise & assist you on setting up your own affiliate accounts & changing Adsense & Amazon affiliate links to your own account codes.

I intend on maintaining a 100% positive rating here on Flippa. I will do whatever I can to assure that the transaction goes smoothly, and that the buyer will be happy with the web site and transaction!

Following are Feedback comments from my recently completed Flippa web site auctions:

“Very professional delivery with detail documentation and delivery of the promised BIN documentation.” – bsav

“My experience with Paul couldn’t be better. He gives you all the information you need to get started and then some. His replies are always prompt and helpful. As a beginner, this is what I needed! A+”

“Paul has been amazing, great follow up after the sale, thorough, considerate and extremely informative. I couldn’t have asked for more and I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with him again. 10/10”

“A joy to deal with. Excellent communication and very detailed written instructions to help with all aspects of the site. Made the whole process very easy and pain free. Would buy from again”

“OUTSTANDING Customer Service throughout process. Very detailed information provided. Smooth transition to my Host. Friendly, patient seller. Very happy with my 1st Flippa transaction!!”

“Seller provided excellent service and support! I would highly recommend especially being a first time buyer. He deserves his 100% rating all the way!”

“Very good seller, nice person and dedicated to make you feel comfortable with the transfer. A+”

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“I have no hesitation in recommending virtualend as a great “Flipperer”! Paul is an extremely helpful seller and highly trustworthy. He’s also very helpful. I would be happy to deal with Paul again.”

“Quick and friendly!”

“Awesome seller with thorough follow-up and top-notch service! A+++”

“Paul is generous with his time and support in getting the site you buy transferred. He did all the QC checks, backed up and provided a comprehensive cheat sheet with all the codes and details needed.”

“I am new to buying websites, and Paul is new to Flippa. We both battled through. Paul is so helpful, I will definitly buy from him again. He is responsive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him. :-)”

  – WOO-HOO!!! THANK YOU!!! – 🙂


This is a custom designed one-of-a-kind web site with quality content & products… NOT some PLR template site stuffed with dozens of keyword loaded spun articles that are barely comprehensible. This site has GREAT potential to be a good & steady earner.


As a bonus / incentive for BIN, I will not only transfer the domain and install the web site for you, but will also assist you to get all affiliate links etc. transferred to your accounts as well. I will provide support until it is up and running and you are on your own (whether that takes a few days or a month)!

 – I will also include several great WP ebooks, a checklist, & flow chart, on niche web sites & affiliate marketing:

  • WordPress Installation Guide
  • WordPress Installation Flow Chart
  • WordPress SEO Tips
  • $10,000-$15,000 Monthly
  • 8 features of great small business websites
  • Over 30 Tips & Techniques for Internet Marketing
  • 102 Headline Formulas
  • PLR FAQ report for bloggers
  • The Website Starter Guide
  • Website review checklist
  • Building A Niche Site Empire
  • Amazon Bonus Tips Guide
  • Make Money With Adsense
  • WordPress Installation Guide
  • and even more cool stuff!

First person to hit BIN will get this site at a great price – and receive all the BIN Bonus Items!

Please PM me or post below if you have questions – I will get to them asap.



Paul Kassens
Virtual Endeavors