About Us

We are a small team of web site designers specializing in WordPress affiliate marketing and eCommerce web sites.
My name is Paul Kassens, from Seattle Washington, and now based in the Philippines. I have been building web sites since 1997, and for the past several years have been specializing in affiliate marketing and ecommerce web sites.
My assistant, Karen Busalla, has been working with me here in the Philippines for over 5 years now, and specializes in WordPress web site design. We have built well over a hundred web sites now… from our own web sites, to custom Amazon affiliate web sites, to a wide variety custom designed web sites for clients.
We also specialize in Kindle eBook conversions, and have formatted, converted, & published over 40 eBooks online.
We are proud to be a part of the flourishing online freelancer community here in the Davao Philippines area, where we have tapped the added resources of several very talented freelancers and virtual assistants whenever required.
We are very proud to have established and maintained a 100% positive rating on Flippa.com, covering dozens of successful web site auctions.
We are eager to show off our skills and quality of our work, continuing to take on new challenges, and building a reputation and following while working on future projects.
We look forward to the opportunity to show off our skills on your web site project!